Web Development Portfolio

Cristian Stransky

Link to GitHub page: https://github.com/csstransky.

Link to D&D MMORPG website: dndgame.cstransky.me.

Create characters and explore a world that changes according to real-world weather.

Link to homework 1 page: hw01.cstransky.me.

Development Environment and Server Deployment

Link to homework 2 page: hw02.cstransky.me.

Calculator and HTML/CSS Basics Page

Link to homework 3 page: hw03.cstransky.me.

Phoenix Server Basics and Form Handling

Link to homework 4 page: hw04.cstransky.me.

Memory Game

Link to homework 5 page: hw05.cstransky.me.

Memory Game with Persistent States

Link to homework 6 page: hw06.cstransky.me.

Multiplayer Breakout Pong Game

Link to homework 7 page: hw07.cstransky.me.

Task Tracker with Basic Functionality

Link to homework 8 page: hw08.cstransky.me.

Task Tracker with Managers and Time Blocks

Link to homework 9 page: hw09.cstransky.me.

Task Tracker as a Single Page Application using React/Redux

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